What is Plan Review?

For building and construction there are two main plan review workflows:

  • Permit plan review
  • Plan review as part of the construction process

Permit Plan Review

This is the process where local authorities review and approve construction plans. This will have a specific workflow depending on the local authority and department.

Very many authorities have moved this entire process to digital, which includes from the initial steps of submission through to the stages of review within the administration.

Construction Plan Review

Plan review is a key process for the construction, engineering, and similar industries that encompasses:

  • Action,
  • Approval, 
  • Presentation, 
  • Markup, 
  • Review.

In the construction industry, architects will review designs and plans as they progress, they will present and gather input from others, and they will present for authorization and approval. Construction companies will review plans for the purpose of construction planning as well as work according to the plans, furthermore, they will markup and communicate regarding issues that arise. 

Urban planners will prepare or receive district or site plans. They will want to see the big picture but also investigate some of the details. In addition, they will need to present plans and gather input. 

City permit departments will review plans for compliance with regulations as well as make presentations and seek approval. 

Fire departments have an important role in plan review looking for fire hazard risks. They use plan review solutions to carry out this role. In addition, the plan review systems are ideal for maps and other visuals.

Volanti Digital Plan Review Tables

With the process of plan review moving primarily to the use of digital technologies the Volanti Plan Review tables enable viewing plans on a large screen as well as being high resolution to show the details.

Volanti plan review tables

More information on these is available at https://www.volantidisplays.com/plan-review-tables.html

Plan Review Market

Every company plans, people present, and others approve, however, a number of businesses work with plans that are highly visual. 


  • Architects
  • Construction & contractors
  • Permitting authorities
  • Engineering organizations
  • Fire protection services

What types of plans are we talking about:

  • Visual plans such as CAD drawings of all types, mainly for larger-scale things such as buildings, sites, districts, infrastructure networks.
  • Images such as satellite images


Plan review is recognized as a process, and as the software and processes become more part of the complete workflow the ability to interact and review plans is becoming more mission critical.