construction automation

BIM – Building Information Modeling

November 27, 2022

Although we usually consider the specific tasks of plan review such as takeoff, markup, and approvals what we are working on is providing better hardware for BIM. Specifically, we spend our time considering how to […]

Bluebeam calibration

Calibrating Bluebeam Revu

October 21, 2022

Here is a quick guide to calibrating Bluebeam on a Volanti Plan Review touchscreen. Why Calibrate Bluebeam Revu? Bluebeam includes a number of measurement functions, for example Dynamic Fill which will provide the area of […]

Volanti plan review table options

Choosing a Plan Review Table & Options

June 18, 2022

We like to keep things easy so we have designed the Volanti Plan Review table with a selection of display sizes and options based on our many years of experience in this market. The following […]

Volanti plan review table

New Plan Review Table

June 17, 2022

Volanti has launched their new Plan Review Table with 4K touch screen display sizes 65″, 55″ and 43″. The new table provides a number of new features and options. One of the enhancements across the […]

Plan Review table

Actuators & Plan Review Tables

May 1, 2022

Volanti’s plan review tables use electric actuators to provide the lift and tilt functions. The ability to easily position the screen at the right height and angle means users can set the most ergonomic position […]

Volanti mobile touch screen cart

Power Independent Touch Screen Cart

April 24, 2022

Sporting large 32″ or 43″ touch screens the new Volanti mobile carts can run for up to more than 16 hours from onboard batteries. We set up each of the 32″ and the 43″ models […]


Electrical Plan Review Mistakes

April 4, 2022

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department produced a helpful video presenting top 5 most common electrical plan review mistakes they see in the Pikes Peak Region. It seems reasonable to assume that there would be a […]

Plan review - 5 functions - Volanti

Plan Review – 5 Functions

October 1, 2021

For the construction and engineering sectors we have identified 5 key functions of plan review: While considerable time and effort go into making plans, the function of plan review is critical. Plan review emcompasses: To […]


What is Plan Review?

September 22, 2021

For building and construction there are two main plan review workflows: Permit plan review Plan review as part of the construction process Permit Plan Review This is the process where local authorities review and approve […]


Plan Review – Go Digital

June 10, 2021

Digital Plan Review provides many benefits to users, not least is the cost saving, but there is more to it than that. Attached is a brief summary of some of these benefits. There is a […]

Managing uncertainty in construction

Managing Uncertainty in Construction

May 31, 2021

A survey by McGraw Hill* concluded that the principal cause of uncertainty for contractors was the unforeseen site or construction issues. The seven issues cited in the report were, in order: Unforeseen site or construction […]

Plan Review table

ARCH Plans & Display Sizes Compared

April 7, 2021

Heavy rolls of large sheets of architectural drawings have moved to the digital realm in many organizations but printed drawings and ARCH drawing sizes live on. The following is a comparison of some of the […]


Comparing Outdoor Display Technology

April 7, 2021

When it comes to outdoor digital displays there are currently three main contenders: LED, LCD, ePaper. The following is a brief comparison table of the main characteristics of each. Each technology has its advantages depending […]

Volanti 32" Plan Review

Plan Review 32 Settings

April 7, 2021

Here are a number of renderings looking at the 32″ Plan Review touch display in various settings. The Volanti 32″ Plan Review touch display is tilt adjustable to set it to a suitable ergonomic angle […]

e-paper display 32inch

Reflective Digital Displays

April 4, 2021

Our daily experience is typically with displays that emit light, our phones, televisions, monitors, tablets and watches all use technologies such as LCD (with LED backlights) or OLED or direct view LED. However reflective displays […]


No Touch Interactivity

March 17, 2021

Touchscreens for public displays and kiosks have been popular for many years and the use of touch screens at point-of-sale has been increasing rapidly in recent years. However, following a year of Covid-19 many people […]

Plan Review table

Plan Review Workflow – Permits

February 14, 2021

A brief online survey of the building plan review permit process confirmed that local planning departments have switched to accepting digital permit applications, or more specifically they accept PDF format plans. Some still accept paper […]

Forza mobile display
Forza mobile video-wall

Mobile Signage – Digital

January 30, 2021

For many years now Volanti has been providing mobile digital display and signage solutions with its Forza range. This blog looks at the broader range of mobile signage and some considerations related to mobile signage. […]

Volanti plan review family

What is a Plan Review Table?

January 22, 2021

Over the past few decades, companies have been moving more and more functions to the digital environment, this is usually referred to as digital transformation. While many of the finance and design functions related to […]

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