Plan Review – Go Digital

Digital Plan Review provides many benefits to users, not least is the cost saving, but there is more to it than that. Attached is a brief summary of some of these benefits.

Volanti why go digital

There is a wealth of excellent software applications available for all sorts of plan review requirements, to get maximum benefit a suitable display is needed. The Volanti Plan Review displays are:,

  • high resolution for clear sharp images, see the details in images,
  • large enough to provide the big picture and be comparable to standard ARCH sizes that people are used to,
  • interactive touch screens for intuitive ease of use together with keyboard options for text input,
  • height and angle adjustable for both ergonomics as well as flexibility for personal use, collaboration, and presentation,
  • options include a webcam for video calls with Zoom, Team, Webex, or other systems,
  • movable for convenience and flexibility.