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Volanti Plan Review Tables

Volanti touch screen Plan Review tables and displays are designed to optimize construction plan review, markup and take-off, as well as plan review in engineering, mapping and other visual applications. Compatible with all Windows software such as Bluebeam, Planswift, Procore, Plangrid, ArcGIS and any other Windows based visualization and design or urban planning solutions.

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Volanti Plan Review Models:
•  Tables: 43", 55", 65" electric height & tilt, 4K displays
•  Tabletop: 32", 43" tilt adjust, 4K displays
•  Mobile: 32" transportable 4K display
•  Job-box: 55" on-site 4K display

Design and final assembly of both the display and stands in the USA, with options such as webcam, battery backup, graphics workstation, retractible power cable and more. Fully compatible with your favorite software applications the large displays lets you see the big picture, the Ultra-HD high resolution lets you see the details.

Plan Review Tables

View and interact with plans on a display that is large and high resolution - see the big picture and fine details. The Volanti plan review tables are available with 43", 55", or 65" touch screens, they feature electric height & tilt adjust for ideal positioning. Designed for all construction and other plan review software on Microsoft Windows.

Shown here with all options including: Side monitor, Webcam, Keyboard tray, Backup battery, PC and more.

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Plan Review Tabletop

Ideal for the desk or a table, the Volanti Plan Review 43" and 32" touch screen displays are easily manually adjusted from 70 degrees, ie nearly vertical, through to 30 degrees and completely flat. Webcam option.

These are 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3840x2160) with standard PC connectivity.

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Mobile Plan Review

The Volanti 32" Mobile Plan Review touch screen display systems provide a large high resolution screen for use on site. It includes a speaker, microphone and webcam for communications. Can also be used to monitor drone video.

The display is Ultra-HD resolution (4K, 3840x2160) with HDMI video input and an optional built in PC.

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Job Box Plan Review

A job-site system providing a large, bright, 55" high resolution Volanti touch screen & computer together with accessories in a rugged weather resistant enclosure.

The Volanti Job Box provides on-site office functionality with the Volanti high resolution touch screen display to see the big picture, and the fine details.

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ARCH Drawing Sizes & Screen Sizes

Volanti Digital Plan Review screen sizes compare to ARCH drawing sizes.
Also, see our blog on the benefits of going digital.

arch drawing sizess compared

plan review family
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Volanti plan review tables are designed and have final assembly in the USA. Our facility is TUV certified for UL electrical safety standards compliant assembly. We use quality parts, such as powerful 3,500N actuators from Linak, industrial grade display electronics from Digital View, and other well known component suppliers. As we do our own design build we are also able to offer customized or fully custom solutions.

Our customers over the many years of supplying plan review tables have included both large and small businesses, including construction companies, contractors, architects, city planners, fire services, engineering corporations, education & research, and independent operators.