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Plan Review Tables with 4K Ultra-HD Touch Displays

The Volanti plan review table is designed to be a key part of the workflow for construction plan review and markup, urban planning plan review and any other application with visual and planning review requirements. Use with any Windows based application such as Bluebeam, Procore, Plangrid, ArcGIS and other visualization or urban planning applications such as Fluix in browser mode.

•  Electric lift & tilt moveable: 43", 55", 65"
•  Tabletop versions: 32", 43"
•  Mobile version: 32"

Fully compatible with your favorite applications the large, 4K high resolution touch screen displays provide the big picture wherever it is needed.

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Large Screen

Available with 43", 55" and 65" screen sizes the popular Volanti electric lift & tilt plan review touch screen displays are highly versatile, ajusting from vertical through all positions to flat table mode. Webcam option.

These are 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3840x2160) with standard PC connectivity. NEW: Keyboard and side mounted additional monitor option.

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Ideal for smaller work spaces or working from home the 32" and 43" screen sizes the tabletop touch screen plan review displays are easily manually adjusted from 70 degrees, ie nearly vertical, through to 30 degrees and completely flat. Webcam option.

These are 4K Ultra-HD resolution (3840x2160) with standard PC connectivity.

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Mobile Plan Review

The Volanti 32" mobile touch screen display systems provides a large high resolution screen for use on site. It includes a speaker, microphone and webcam for communications. Can also be used to monitor drone video.

The display is Ultra-HD resolution (4K, 3840x2160) with HDMI video input and an optional built in PC.

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ARCH Drawing Sizes & Screen Sizes

The following shows how screen sizes compare to ARCH drawing sizes.
With the Volanti touch screens it is easy to pan and zoom on images.

arch drawing sizess compared

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