What is a Plan Review Table?

Over the past few decades, companies have been moving more and more functions to the digital environment, this is usually referred to as digital transformation.

While many of the finance and design functions related to the construction industry have been digital for many years, construction plans are very often still printed out but with the clear trend to digital, ie screen viewing. Software like Bluebeam has helped keep the plans digital and enabled a significant increase in functionality as plans can be viewed on screens and devices of all sizes in many locations, even simultaneously thus enabling remote collaboration.

Digital Plan Review Table…

A digital plan review table is a large interactive monitor with features as follows:

  • High resolution, the purpose is the review of plans so detail is important and this requires a high-resolution display, eg 4K (Ultra-HD, which is 3840×2160 resolution).
  • Tilt-adjustable so it can be positioned at a suitable ergonomic angle, this is important for usability and also to ensure optimum visibility. A display on a wall is not as easily viewed in the context of plan review as one at a suitable angle for the user.
  • Interactive, ie a touch screen. One of the many significant benefits of working with digital plans is the ability to pan and zoom. A touch interface is the fastest and most intuitive way to do this.
  • Fit for purpose. Most monitors and touch screens, especially larger models, are not designed to be used in any position other than vertically on a wall, also if they have raised borders or bezels these will collect dust and be difficult to clean. In addition, a fanless design and no vent holes mean that there is no dust buildup inside the monitor.

Volanti models…

Volanti has been supplying digital plan review tables to the construction, architectural, planning, and design industries for many years now. It was the pioneer in the design of an electric lift and tilt form factor for plan review applications and has now extended its range to include tabletop tilt models.

Electric Lift & Tilt Plan Review Table: Volanti’s original plan review model, this moveable unit features an electric lift & tilt functionality and is adjustable from completely flat table mode through all tilt angles to vertical for group presentations.

  • Available with screen sizes: 43″ 55″ 65″

Tabletop Tilt Adjust Plan Review Table: This space-saving form factor maintains the high resolution 4K touch screen functionality and can be conveniently used anywhere there is a table or countertop.

  • Available with screen sizes: 32″ 43″

Mobile case version: Housed in a robust travel case this is a complete touch display (4K Ultra-HD resolution) with optional PC and communications.

  • Available with a 32″ screen.
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