Quickstart: 43″ Plan Review Tabletop Monitor Setup

The following is a brief guide to the unboxing and setup of the Volanti 43″ tabletop plan review touch screen monitor.

  • Unboxing
  • Tilt adjust
  • PC connection
  • Functions
  • Webcam option


  • Open the box and remove the top pieces of packing foam, then open the bag to locate the monitor handles are.
  • Move the box close to the work-surface (eg table or desk) where it will be used, ensure the monitor handles are on the side facing the work-surface.
  • With a person on either end lift the monitor out of the box using the handles, then place the monitor flat on the work-surface.
  • Remove the accessories bag from inside the box, this has essential cables.

A brief video to show removing the 43″ plan review monitor from the box and placing on a table.

Don’t forget the accessories in the box…

  • HDMI cable
  • USB cable
  • AC power cord (USA type)
  • IR remote control (batteries included)

Tilt Adjust

The 43″ plan review touch monitor tilt adjustment is straightforward:

  • Use one hand to hold one of the monitor handles to lift the monitor while using the other hand to keep the stand flat on the work-surface.
  • Then while still holding the monitor adjust the support to the preferred position and lower the monitor to secure the support bar in place.
  • Note that the feet on the base of the stand can be height adjusted to ensure the monitor sits flat and is stable.
  • Caution: Do not tilt the monitor too far forward and always ensure that the support is fully in one of the tilt adjust positions.

The 43″ tabletop plan review monitor has 5 tilt positions, from approximately 30 degrees to 70 degrees, plus flat.

PC Connection

Note: A PDF quickstart guide for the monitor is available here: https://www.volantidisplays.com/manuals/quick-start-43inch-4k-2020-10-18.pdf

The monitor is supplied with an HDMI video cable (4K ready), USB cable, and AC power cord. Connect the HDMI and USB cables to a PC or laptop, and the AC power to a wall outlet, the monitor will auto power-on. See the image below.

With recent versions of Microsoft Windows, the monitor and touch should be plug and play, there is no need to change any settings. However to ensure you are getting the resolution that you want, see our blog on checking monitor resolution: https://www.volantidisplays.com/blog/check-your-resolution/.

Monitor Functions

The monitor has extensive functionality, most of these functions can be accessed using the buttons (similar to the ones pictured below) on the side though brightness adjustment is the most common.

The monitor will auto power-on when connected to AC power, and if video connection is removed it will go into power standby mode. Reconnecting a video source will wake the monitor up.

Webcam – Option

Located on the top side of the monitor is a ¼” screw thread for an optional webcam mounting kit. Screw in the mount as shown below, note there may be a cap over the screw thread hole on the monitor, just remove that. Then with any webcam with a standard tripod mount, screw it onto the mount and connect the webcam to your PC or laptop as normal.

For any support questions, call: 408.500.3500 or email using the contact form or link.