Check Your Resolution

You have a Volanti touch screen monitor, it looks fantastic, but although it is 4K resolution it looks like Full-HD – why?

The answer may be a “recommended” Windows setting. The following walks through checking and setting resolution on a Windows PC running with a Volanti 4K (3840×2160) resolution touch screen monitor.

Start by checking that the video signal to the monitor is indeed 4K, that is 3840×2160 resolution. Looking at the 55″ model on the Plan Review table, on the left side there are the controls. Press Menu, then – – (the minus button, twice).

Pressing the menu button and then the minus button twice will bring up an on screen message window that will show the resolution, like this… and as you can see in the middle of that message is 3840×2160. This is a clear indication that the video input is 4K.

Volanti resolution message

The next thing to check is the Microsoft Windows Display settings menu. In Windows 10 Settings, under System, Display you should see a window showing an image like the following. It shows the graphics card is set to 3840×2160 but as you can see the image on the left is quite different in scale from the one on the right.

The reason the left side image text is larger, and effectively lower resolution is that Windows recommends 200%, ie it is scaling the image and as a result the user is only getting the equivalent of Full-HD resolution, ie 1920×1080 compared to the display’s capability of 3840×2160.

It is a personal preference but I like to use my large, 55″ or 65″, touch display at the best resolution possible, ie 4K (3840×2160). Especially for image-related applications, the extra detail from the higher resolution is precisely what I am looking for.

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Volanti touch screen monitors, design & final assembly in Morgan Hill, California, are available in the following sizes (screen diagonal):

  • 32″ with tabletop plan review version
  • 43″ with tabletop plan review version
  • 55″ with standalone plan review version
  • 65″ with standalone plan review version

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