Westfield Valley Fair Unveils Digital Display



Westfield Valley Fair Unveils Retail Video Display

Volanti’s team of designers recently teamed up with Westfield Valley Fair to help create a digital retail window display for the latest Michael Kors fashion line. The idea was to utilize the existing foundations of fashion retail window displays and give them a technological boost.

“The idea to add digital displays as part of the retail window designs is not an entirely new idea,” explains Billy Barnes, Art Director for Volanti Displays. “But what we set out to do was to take it to a whole new level where the video displays actually became part of the overall creative aesthetic, not just simply mounted on a wall inside the window space.”

The Volanti design team met with Caran Fisher, Senior Marketing Director for Westfield Valley Fair to discuss ways of creating a retail window scene that would not only accent the latest Michael Kors fashion line, but also allow guests the opportunity to venture into a ‘whimsical‘ display wonderland.


“Valley Fair Center lies at the heart of Silicon Valley, a globally known hotspot for innovation and creativity and I wanted to create something that directly reflected that,” adds Billy. “The idea of a book magically coming to life while elements of nature seem to be growing out of its very pages came from a dream I recently experienced. The tricky part of the vision was how to properly bring it to life. I used a series of papier mache’ techniques to construct the actual book ‘casing’ and then embedded one of our more popular 24″ HD displays inside it. The display and components are designed for 24/7 use while leaving a light footprint.”


Once the display was properly embedded inside the book casing and all the books that would make up the pyramid were collected, the Volanti Design team made their way to Valley Fair Center to begin the installation process.

“It’s sometimes difficult to imagine how it will all come together,” explains Koosha Araghi, Developer for Volanti Displays who assisted on the installation. “You can mock build it all you want on the manufacturing floor but until you actually get there to install it is where it really comes to life. We were really happy with the way it came out.”

Westfield-Valley Fair

Along with various books that make up the pyramid, the Volanti designers also created several ‘book sculptures’ that can be seen neatly positioned at the foot of the display. “I wanted to add a variety of artistic elements that guests could look at,” adds Billy. “I wanted to use books to create actual art pieces with while giving the vitrine a complete 360 degree viewing angle. I felt it was important for guests approaching from the back of the vitrine to see something that was just as engaging as the front.”




The Whimsical Book retail display can be found on the main floor of Valley Fair Center across from the Hugo Boss store. Guests are encouraged to use the hashtag #WestfieldValleyFair or #VolantiDisplays when posting to social media.

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