Touch Screen Interactive Photo Viewer

Touch Screen Photo Viewer With FlatFrog Touch Technology


Volanti is currently test driving several multi-touch photo viewer applications on their curved 72″ 4K display with FlatFrog Technology to gain perspective on how users will interact with their large format displays.


  • Product Keynotes
  • Trade Shows
  • Architectural Environments
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting Firm Showrooms
  • Health Care Sector
  • Educational
  • Museums / Traveling Exhibits

Customize Your Layout

“What sets multi-touch applications like these apart from your average tablet photo viewer app is the fact that you can fully customize how the ‘skin’ will appear to guests,” explains Koosha Araghi, developer for Volanti Displays. “Choose a background photo like a company logo or a featured product and then add various on screen photo album dials for guests to scroll through. Users have the ability to choose between dial options such as spinning wheels or scrolling carousels that pan left to right depending on which way you swipe.”


Once a guest has found a photo / album they like, they simply click, hold and drag it to the ‘desktop’ to enable the zoom in and rotate functions. Some multi-touch photo applications let you close the chosen photo window by clicking the ‘X’ located on the top right corner while others allow you to simply swipe it off the screen.

The Flatfrog multi-touch technology and the photo viewing apps’ gestures are very similar to those of the standard everyday tablet. By drawing two fingers apart from a shared point the picture will zoom out, while actions like spinning a fingertip in a counter/clockwise position will rotate the image. The latency or ‘lag factor’ with Flatfrog technology is as good as any tablet while giving users a much larger surface space to navigate. “I think the ‘tablet feel’ is how users are now judging the touch display’s performance,” adds Koosha. “With the Flatfrog multi-touch technology, the similarities when it comes to ‘feel’ between a tablet and a large format touch display are uncanny.”



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