Interior Design Using Augmented Reality

Visualizing Interior Display Placement with Augmented Reality

The Volanti Displays design team has now began introducing potential and current clients to the world of Augmented Reality.

“With clients such as Westfield Mall of Silicon Valley, we have now began to combine retail window spaces / corporate lobbies / consulting firm showrooms with our innovative display technologies,” explains Volanti Design team member Billy Barnes. “In doing so, I sometimes find that it is difficult to paint a clear picture of my vision when only using photoshop renders or video walk-throughs via software like Cinema 4D. Clients can look at a picture and ‘see’ it but to actually know how it will interact in the environment in realtime is sometimes tricky.  But since we have began working with various hardware / software developers to come up with ways to enhance the potential client’s experience, we are beginning to understand the true potential of augmented reality in the design process.”

Augmented Reality : How It Works

“Using an external motion-tracking camera device that attaches to our iPads and an integrated depth sensing software to compute any given spacial environment, we are able to generate an augmented reality preview for our potential clients,” adds Billy.  “The augmented design process allows clients to ‘see’ how the displays will be placed throughout the environment.”

The design team first scans the wall / window space / room ‘realtime’ and using the gathered spacial data the team collects, they are then able to place display products such as the Cube, touch-displays or video walls into the ‘scene’.

The software allows the design team to then place the rendered displays in any angle, configuration or location. The software even provides the ability to add multiple displays in a single scanned environment. Perhaps the coolest feature of the software is that it can also play video content on the ‘placed’ displays as seen in the video above.


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