Video CUBE Firmware Update


Volanti Introduces ‘Video Wall Mode’ For The CUBE

To meet the demand for a multi-functional video CUBE that allows user’s to easily toggle between a single repeated video source to an individually displayed picture on separate panel faces, Volanti recently announced a new firmware update feature that now allows users to switch between the two settings with a simple push of a button. Usually dedicated to video walls, this feature is now changing the way that users and the CUBE interact.

“Before the new ‘built-in’ firmware update was introduced, we were having to depend on various VJ software to get all panels of the video CUBE to play separate videos,” explains Michael Sarich, Business Development Manager for Volanti Displays. “But now with the introduction of the new feature, users can now simply toggle from one image repeated on all panels to all panels playing different content at the same time. Pretty exciting stuff!”


Zoom Mode

Using the IR Remote ( as seen above ), users can now simply press ZOOM to enable or disable the video cube ‘map’ feature.

Creating Your CUBE Video Content

Volanti makes creating your video cube content simpler than ever by using the provided ‘grid’ template. Users simply start by opening up a video editing application such Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. The project file should be set to a 1920×1080 video resolution.

Simply drop the ‘grid’  template on the timeline and begin adding the 5 videos you will be ‘showing’ onto the timeline.


Stack the 5 videos on top of each other on the timeline and then begin resizing each video until each one fits into its designated template rectangle as seen below. ( Note: Remember to leave the lower and upper corners of the grid blank as they will not be seen in video wall mode ). Once completed simply export your video at a 1920×1080 resolution with a H.264 codec. Once the export process has been completed drag the file into your media player and connect the HDMI cable to the CUBE.


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