FlatFrog InGlass Touch Technology


FlatFrog InGlass Touch Technology

Recent trends such as bigger displays and Ultra High-Definition (UHD) displays are transforming the market. However, the existing touchscreen interfaces based on IR/Projected Capacitive (p-cap) touch that are enabling interactivity are not ideally suited for these trends. IR-touch requires a deep bezel that requires cleaning maintenance especially in public locations while P-cap touch has some image clarity degradation issues. FlatFrog InGlass™ with its smooth completely clear cover glass it addresses key limitations in ways that were not available in the past.



  • Product Keynotes
  • Trade Shows
  • Architectural Environments
  • Real Estate
  • Consulting Firm Showrooms
  • Health Care Sector
  • Educational
  • Museums / Traveling Exhibits

Introduction to Touchscreen Technologies in Digital Displays:

FlatFrog InGlass™: An emerging technology that is suitable for Digital Displays is a touch technology using Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) by FlatFrog. Specific light wavelengths are injected into the core glass and touch disturbances are detected via novel algorithms that have been patented by FlatFrog. Unlike p-cap, FlatFrog InGlass™ does not utilize any sensors in the glass. By removing the need for light obstructing sensors (normally required by p-cap technology), the light from the underlying display passes perfectly through the glass without degradation. Unlike IR-touch, no frame (bezel) is required because the sensing is taking place in the body of the glass and not above the surface of the glass. This results in a tablet-like, bezel-free device that is also multi-touch capable. These key features of this technology are well aligned with the market trends that are transforming Digital Signage. By understanding these capabilities, developers are now enabled to leverage the interactive touch technology in a new way.

FlatFrog InGlass Touch

What does this mean to Interactive Digital Signage:

Using InGlass™ allows developers to leverage the incredibly attractive HD/UHD with touchscreen experience that is not degraded by the touch interface. The superior clarity allows users to move closer to a display without being able to observe a metal mesh or other degradation from the touch electronics. Uncompromised HD/UHD with interactive touch opens new options that invite users to interact with high resolution content. The vivid colors invite the users to explore the image without the frustration of a blurred image.

FlatFrog InGlass

What does this mean to Interactive Digital Signage:

The touch interface is no longer limited by p-cap limitations such as the sensor type, sensor design and custom electronics. If you wish to develop a 20”, 45”, 65”, 78”, 90”, 100” or 200” touchscreen enabled display, all options are supported using a single scalable technology.

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