Trello – Cnverg and Touch screens

Trello is a group project planning application we have used for some time and I have often thought it would be great on one of Volanti’s large touch screens – Cnverg have developed an application to enable exactly that (see

What I particularly like about this is that when used together with Windows 10 and Microsoft’s Edge browser, users can mark-up a Trello screen without impacting the Edge content. Having said that Cnverg does include a digital whiteboard functionality for this purpose but I like the Windows 10 implementation in general.

This means that users can both:

  • Use and Interact with Trello using Cnverg; as well as
  • Discuss and annotate Trello screens without changing Trello content.

They can then share the marked up screen at any time.


For details of Volanti’s large multi-touch displays, 42″, 55″, 65″, 84″ and 98″ please contact us.