Obeya Rooms…

I hadn’t heard of Obeya rooms until very recently – the word ‘obeya’ comes from Japanese which Google translates as the room but apparently used to describe a great room or war room. The idea behind obeya rooms is for management teams to come together to discuss product planning, process development and also to make decisions. As a room dedicated to this purpose it would commonly have the walls covered with whiteboards or note-boards with charts and relevant information.

The reason this is relevant is that the old technology of whiteboards or projectors can be easily converted to interactive video walls or large touch screen, technology that seems ideally suited to the function of obeya rooms.

To see some examples of obeya rooms, typically showing lots of paper on walls, search Google Images.

Preferably contact us to find out about interactive video walls – up to 5 x 3 displays, and large multi-touch displays – up to 98″ that can be linked together.