Volanti Touch & BrightSign Media Player

Today we tested the BrightSign XT1143 media player with our 84″ 4K touch display, pictured below in our Forza mobile case. Very pleased with the results, the connection was completely plug & play which means the touch drivers built into the BrightSign player are compatible with our touch screen – no setup required. The touch response was very fast. The 4K 60Hz video output is fully compatible with our 4K 60Hz input. An overall good result that will apply to any of our 4K touch displays – 55″, 65″, 84″, 98″.

Although our interest was assessing the touch screen compatibility and performance we did appreciate the general specifications of the XT1143 and intrigued by the addition of a live feed. It wasn’t something we managed to test but will do.

For more details click the links below:

Volanti 84inch 4K touch and BrightSign XT 4K media player