ShopWithMe Portable Pop-Up Store

ShopWithMe Portable Pop-Up Store

If you’ve recently visited Westfield Valley Fair, you may have seen the newest addition to their north side luxury valet parking area. There sitting just outside the Prada store is an all white modern looking windowed hub that looks similar to something you’d see in a space exploration sci-fi film. Instead of housing distant galactic travelers this Pop-Up structure gives temporary home to a line of retail goods. Pop-Up or flash retailing, is a popular trend that is currently sweeping across the country. Pop-Ups are not only a great way to promote items ( being that they are temporary and cause a higher level of curiosity among visitors ) but also act as a small footprint business model for upstart companies. However, what sets this Pop-Up retail store apart from anything we have ever seen are the technological innovations that reside just beyond the glass doors.

WithMe, the company behind the ShopWithMe Pop-Up retail store, aims to bring innovation to the next generation of retail products while delivering a consumer experience unlike anything currently being offered.  ShopWithMe stores are the first fully portable, pre-fabricated retail environments that blend the best of online and offline shopping to create a truly personalized experience you can’t find anywhere else.

WithMe Pop Up Retail Store
Photo Cred: Benny Chan

ShopWithMe Pop-Up Display Technology

Accenting the ultra-chic modern designed interior are some of the more innovative display technologies that can be currently found on the market. From transparent display tables equipped with embedded RFID technology, to smart fitting rooms that allow guests to interact with smart display mirrors, to a pixel video wall that boasts an impressive 900 mini displays that move in and out on actuators, ShopWithMe’s Pop-Up retail spaces take guests to entirely new level heights.

Pixel Video Wall

Upon entering ShopWithMe’s retail space, we were greeted by friendly faces that introduced us to an array of amazing display technologies designed to help guide shopper’s through a truly memorable buying experience. Perhaps the most impressive display, based on sheer ‘wow’ factor was the Pixel Video Wall that sat on the east end of the store. As per ShopWithMe: The pixel wall is a floor-to-ceiling immersive smart display and fixture in one. 900 individual screens can move independently from each other or group together to form shelves and hanging racks. The wall can also respond to shoppers using the ShopWithMe mobile app to suggest products or display rich content from the brand.

The excitement surrounding the Pixel Video Wall installation was intoxicating being that it was the first day Harley Davidson of San Jose was showcasing their latest fashion products. What really brought the Pixel Video Wall to life was the Harley Davidson video content that synced across every display. Truly amazing!



ShopWithMe’s ‘The Big Dipper’

Placed all around ShopWithMe’s retail store are portrait-mode touch displays that are equipped with cameras, audio speakers, and a credit card reader. Upon further investigation we learned that these displays, called the Big Dipper are key instruments in the way shoppers browse / order / buy inside ShopWithMe’s retail space. As per WithMe: Big Dipper creates an entirely new experience for consumers, enabling shoppers to touch physical goods in-store while browsing and ordering related or out-of-stock products that get shipped to them.




ShopWithMe’s ‘Transparent LCD Tables’

While browsing about ShopWithMe’s retail space, one can’t help but notice several transparent tables placed throughout the space. What makes these transparent LCD tables even more standout is the fact that each one is equipped with touch features that encourage digital catalogue browsing and RFID scanners that allow shoppers to scan items for more information. As Per WithMe: The Reactable™ fixture is a beautiful 55” translucent table top display that brings product to life with motion, rich content, suggested pairings and personalization. Smart tables & tags let merchandisers engage with customers in ways they’ve never been able to before. Personalized suggestions can be made from the table and across other fixtures in the store.



ShopWithMe’s ‘Smart Fitting Room’

While exploring the various display technologies inside ShopWithMe’s space, we couldn’t help but notice the absence of one important feature…Fitting rooms? We asked a concierge representative about the apparent absence and we were directed to what appeared to be a wall of mirrors. Here we was introduced to automated drop down curtains that instantly create a personal private fitting room booth. The ‘mirrors’ that lined the wall then became what ShopWithMe is calling the ‘Smart Fitting Room’. As per WithMe: Using the ShopWithMe mobile app, shoppers can fill their dressing room by scanning items in the store. Selections are delivered once they arrive in their room. Shoppers can then interact with the smart mirror to request different colors and sizes or try on other items personally suggested to them, without ever needing to leave the room.



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