Google Chromebit for Digital Signage

Google Chromebit for Digital Signage


Chromebit: Signage in a stick

Earlier this year, Google and ASUS introduced the digital signage world to what they are calling the Chromebit. The Chromebit is a fully Chrome OS-based mini computer that is delivered in HDMI stick format. The Chromebit is the perfect device for AV users looking for a way to deliver high quality digital signage in a small footprint package. What makes the Chromebit even more amazing is how much the device itself costs.


The Chromebit is currently being offered at a remarkable $85 price point which should make this device a popular tool for how retailers deliver their visual messages. Chromebit is also offering digital signage users a Chrome Kiosk Management annual license ( $24 per license ) specifically designed for purpose built devices such as self service kiosks that use a single application, digital signs or even specialized applications such as Point of sale systems. Thchrome-bite Chrome Kiosk license contains a select set of onboard features that allows for a simple and easy to configure user experience.

Aside from the remarkable price point, the Chromebit weighs just 75 grams ( 2.6 ounces ). The Chromebit’s HDMI port makes it easy to plug-n-play with just about any digital signage display. Whether the display is a computer monitor, a large display, or even a video wall, retailers will have full content computing options when it comes to how digital signage will be delivered to shoppers.

Perhaps one of the more exciting features that makes the Chromebit that much more powerful in the hands of digital signage users is the 16GB of onboard storage and the 2GB of RAM. How something this AV ready could be delivered in such a small package is beyond us but we are eager to see how they will be utilized.


Chromebit: A Closer Look

You may be asking yourself how Chomebit compares to Chromecast. Well in comparison, the Chromebit is a larger version of the Chromecast stick, but don’t let the size difference fool you as it’s primarily meant to disappear behind your screen anyway. Just like the Chromecast, the Chromebit comes with a dedicated charger, but unlike the Chromecast, it also features a USB port which many will find useful when it comes to implementing Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to connect / control. The Chromebit’s USB port also allows users to plug in wired peripherals as well as USB hubs. Of course with USB hubs users now have the option to plug in multiple devices, creating a much more powerful digital signage tool.


Chromebit: Under The Hood

As per RK3288:

Processor: Rockchip 3288

RK3288 is a high performance application processor for high-end tablet, notebook, all-in-one device , smart monitor and TV-Box. Especially it is one of most powerful solution for 4Kx2K.

Integrate quad-core Cortex-A17 with separately Neon and FPU coprocessor , also shared 1MB L2 Cache. More than 32bits address will support up to 8GB access space.

Currently, latest generation and most powerful GPU is embedded to support smoothly high-resolution (3840×2160) display and mainstream game. Support OpenVG1.1, OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenCL1.1, RenderScript and DirectX11 etc.

Full-format video decoder, including 4Kx2K multi-format decoder.

Lots of high-performance interface to get very flexible solution, such as multi-pipe display with dual-channel LVDS, dual-channel MIPI-DSI, eDP1.1, HDMI2.0 , dual-channel MIPI-CSI2 interface with 13MP ISP embedded.

Fully-integrated hardware-based security solution will provide HDCP2.x for miracast and all kinds of DRM solution based on different OS.

Dual-Channel 64bits DDR3/LPDDR2/LPDDR3 provide demanding memory bandwidths for high-performance and high-resolution application.

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Image Source: Images courtesy of Asus / Google