Volanti Introduces Circle Displays

Volanti Introduces Circle Displays


After much anticipation Volanti is happy to announce the release of their 26.5″ ‘circle LCD display‘. The Genesis is part of Volanti’s ‘Designer‘ display series, a series that showcases unique LCD products like the much talked about video Cube.  Volanti’s Designer Series aims to bring innovation to the way LCD’s are designed and exhibited. From modern tech video art pieces to chic retail displays that help promote products, the Genesis delivers a truly unique way to showcase video content.

Aside from Genesis’ beautifully curved contours, the circle display presents an ultra-sharp, bright HD picture that is sure to catch eyes. Perfect for retail spaces who are looking for hip, fun ways to showcase their latest products, designs or services. The Genesis’ thin, light circular frame comes standard with VESA 200mm x 200mm mounting holes which allows for easy mount integration.


Circle Displays : Mosaic Configuration


Looking for ways to create a mosaic circle display configuration? Volanti made sure to add a true plug-n-play feature to the Genesis video controller to allow for easy to sync media content sharing. By adding an extra HDMI splitter component to the mix, users now have the option of stringing together as many Genesis displays as the splitter can support. Another feature that adds versatility to the mosaic configuration is the video wall mode that can be added to the Genesis video controller firmware. This Zoom feature allows users to toggle between a single piece of content that is being ‘mapped’ across the entire mosaic configuration or to choose single sourced video content that repeats on every circle display. With the simple enable / disable click of the IR remote, users have the power to change from one setting to the other.

Circle Displays : More to Come

Be sure to check back in the coming week to see the Genesis teaser video.

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