nuiSense Touch Software Interview

nuiSense Touch Software Interview

We recently linked up with Roberto Del Buono, managing partner of di-erre software s.r.l. and brand owner of nuiSense touch software to discuss the power of their multi touch business solution.

Volanti Displays: Give us an overview as to what nuiSense Touch Software is and provides for users.

Roberto Del Buono: nuiSense business is a premium software to create multi touch applications and engaging presentations. You can easily create an interactive experience using your media without skills.

Our mission is to create a really easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, smooth and fluid software.

nuiSense can help you in many environments:

  • Imagine a multi touch table in a meeting room on which people can share documents and media and they can collaborate.
  • In learning centers, a teacher can involve a classroom using the interactive whiteboard or presenting media in an innovative way.
  • Marketing can attract potential customers in tradeshows, fairs and events.
  • Retailers can involve people by presenting their products in an innovative way.
  • In museums people can deepen their visitor experience.

The physical object recognition feature lets you to create a link between real products and media. Using an NFC tag the real object is mapped to contents.


Volanti Displays: How do you see nuiSense benefitting the business collaboration landscape? 

Roberto Del Buono: I think that nuiSense business is the suitable solution for modern workspaces and will drastically increase productivity in brainstorming and meeting. It is very easy to collaborate, take notes and present content to your team. You can also flick content to a secondary screen. Collaboration not only means present, but also means share. Using device interaction feature anyone can share files from his/her mobile, tablet or laptop without installing any additional apps.

We are working on an Office PowerPoint add-in that will allow users to show slides in our nuiSense ecosystem while maintaining all the original PowerPoint effects and animations.

nuisense touch software
Video Table Mode

Volanti Displays: Do users of nuiSense have the ability to ‘customize’ the software’s user interface? 

Roberto Del Buono: Sure, you can fit the user interface to your brand. It’s easy to change colors, backgrounds or navigation paths. You can also choose how people will view content and how they will engage with the user interface.

Volanti Displays: Any new features that the nuiSense team is working on that you can share?

Roberto Del Buono: The nuiSense team is always working hard to better the software. I think a cool feature that we are currently developing is the HTML5 App. You can create an HTML5 game\application that will be hosted in our environment. This feature will greatly enhance nuiSense’s capabilities as kiosk-mode, start screen customization and so on.

On digital signage side, we are implementing a smart digital signage system that will recognize demographics data of people standing on the screen to provide catered content.

We are also focused on enterprise features as synchronization, monitoring and analytics.


Volanti Displays: How do you see touch displays and software like nuiSense evolving in the next 2 years? 

Roberto Del Buono: I think that touch industry will drastically grow in the next 2 years. Technology becomes better and more efficient everyday and with that we are seeing how software is evolving with it. Not only touch technology, but moreover gesture recognition technologies like Microsoft Kinect and Hololens as well as IoT and sensors in general.

I think that the natural user interface will become a true standard when the newer generations begin entering the work force. As far as the retail world is concerned, the evolution could be even faster, because the 14-20 year olds equate for a large portion of consumer actively. It is important to be ready for the change!

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