Autonomous Car Displays

Autonomous Car Displays


It seems this year has produced a lot of talk in regards to the potential of autonomous ( driverless ) vehicles. From Tesla’s 7.0 software update that features Autopilot to Google’s self driving cars that can be seen cruising around the greater Silicon Valley, it would appear that we are truly on the cusp of a fully automated driving lifestyle. Although we are a few years away ( 5 years according to Elon Musk ) from a fully automated driving experience, that hasn’t stopped companies like Volvo from trying to anticipate what that ‘experience’ will be like for passengers. One of the driverless features automotive car companies are trying to enhance are embedded LCD displays. Primarily due to the fact that drivers will now have a hands free / eyes off the road experience while commuting to and from their destinations, LCD displays will most likely become a huge center of attention when it comes to interior design.

In this article we will introduce you to a few of the autonomous car interiors that are currently featuring LCD display technology and give you a little insight as to what you can expect from their performance.

Volvo Concept 26


Volvo’s Concept 26 autonomous vehicle, named after ‘the average commuter time spent in a car’, made a huge internet splash this week when it demo’d an actual functioning interior for guests to explore at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.  With its retractable 25″ LCD display that allows for a smooth transition between stored and viewable mode, this display will surely provide passengers with endless possibilities of user capabilities. From surfing the net to watching Netflix, Volvo’s LCD display will surely be a hit. The Volvo Concept 26 is projected to hit streets by 2017.

Tesla Model S


Tesla has been one of the leaders when it comes to utilizing large LCD displays inside their vehicles. Currently Tesla owners enjoy a beautiful hi-res 17″ display screen that sits just right of their steering wheel. With Tesla’s recently rolled out 7.0 software, owners now have the option of experiencing ‘AutoPilot Mode’ which enables the car to be driven by sensor enhanced automation. Although Tesla’s interior displays are only offered in portrait mode, we suspect as autonomous vehicles become a norm that Tesla may have to provide their owners with the ability to switch between landscape and portrait being that most media is presented in 16:9 landscape mode.

When in ‘AutoPilot’ mode, the Model S’ LCD display adds a sense of safety for passengers as it allows for a visualization of the car’s sensors while moving through the streets.  Although still in its infancy state, we suspect more visual safety-like features will be rolled out with future Tesla software updates.

Google Autonomous Car


Perhaps the leader in ‘self-driven miles’, currently over 1 million miles according to their site, is Google, which introduces the possibilities of autonomous cars in very elaborate ways. Pictures floating around the internet show Google’s car being used as meeting spaces ( below ) and as lounge like entertainment rooms ( above ). Interactive displays will of course be the main feature surrounding both experiences. From touch displays to standard static use displays that host a variety of different input sources, the future of displays inside autonomous cars will be bright!


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