Intel NUC for 4K Displays

Intel NUC for 4K displays


In today’s AV market, media solutions come in all shapes and sizes. From HD/4K media players to Chromecast like devices to PC’s that can power multiple display configurations. The AV market has truly opened up to provide users with a plethora of video / content sharing options. We recently began exploring ways to ‘pair’ video content sharing devices along with our various large format displays.  The two main features that we primarily focused in on were content solutions that are powerful enough to push HD/4K content and finding a device that contains a small footprint. Following the hype around the newest additions to the Intel Nuc family, we began familiarizing ourselves with the NUC6i5SYK which has been equipped with Intel’s newest architecture 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5-6260U processor.

The Intel NUC6i5SYK now boasts an Iris Graphics 540 card that comes with 4K display capabilities while providing brilliant resolution for retail and kiosk-type solutions. The thin NUC5i5SYK has room for a M.2 SSD giving users the freedom to transfer data at lightning speed. Designed for Windows 10, NUC6i5SYK has the performance capability to stream media, manage content, or create various visual presentations, all in a slim 4” x 4” form factor. After pairing the NUC along with a few of our displays, we felt we had found something that not only provided users with a brilliant 4K / HD image but also gave them that small footprint that they were looking for.

Dynamic Digital Signage


Digital signage has quickly become an effective marketing tool for organizations and retailers to advertise, convey information, and communicate messages that can be instantly updated and absorbed by customers / guests. From large retail environment installations to product awareness touch demos, digital signage is used by all types of industries large and small to display information in an effective and efficient manner. The ability to manage content on-the-fly, coupled with targeted dayparting content and strategic placements, have made digital signage a very valuable tool.


Per Intel: Powered by scalable performance from Intel Atom through Intel Core vPro processors, the Intel NUC and Intel Compute Stick are ideal platforms to enable a wide range of digital signage solutions, from low-cost, easy-of-use applications to high-end environments.

The ultra small form factors of Intel NUC and Intel Compute Stick fit inconspicuously into virtually any installation, with high graphics performance driving rich content on one, two, or up to three displays—from full HD TVs to UHD 4K commercial monitors.

Conference Room Collaboration

Another AV solution that we see the NUC and our displays benefitting is in the conference room collaboration arena. With the NUC’s ultra compact size and mounting bracket options, the power to hide the content behind the display is now in the hands of the installer. Integrating Intel’s NUC and our large format displays allows for quicker meeting setups with easy to use, efficient conference room logistics.

Per Intel: Stationing an Intel NUC per conference room ensures faster meeting start-up times and a collaborative experience for attendees, whether they are in the same room or halfway across the world. The ultra small form-factor, graphics capabilities, and low-acoustic footprint of the Intel NUC enable your meetings to be more focused on your business. Built-in Intel vPro Technology, low-power consumption, and overall reliability ensure minimum impact to your budget and the environment.


With it’s easy to setup feature, low power consumption and HD/4K picture quality, we found that the NUC delivered as advertised. We will continue to explore ways to deliver solid AV solutions for both integrators and users. Be sure to stay tuned for updates regarding video demos of the NUC as well as ways to ‘pair’ your displays with media devices.

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