Mounts For Video Walls and Displays

Mounts For Video Walls and Displays

Often times when people discuss the ‘important’ features of an LCD display they will list resolution, color ( 8bit – 10bit ) or inputs. But what often goes unnamed could be one of the most important features on a display. Mounting options. We know ‘mounting options’ doesn’t have quite the same verbal impact as say 4k resolution does but it could in fact be what makes or breaks your next AV installation.

When AV integrators or DIY installers are scoping out their projects one of the most important key elements is how the displays will be installed on the wall surface. A few things to keep in mind when mounting displays; do the displays themselves come with VESA ( Video Electronics Standards Association ) standard mounting holes and will the user require backend access at any point? Purchasing / Installing displays that come with VESA standard mounts will provide you with far more mounting options. We will take a look at a few innovative mounting designs and features later on in the article.


Video Wall & Display Mounts


When Volanti’s engineering team set out to design their LCD product line, they specifically had VESA mounting standards in mind. And after receiving much feedback from installers and integrators in the field, decided that VESA mounts would be their standard moving forward. From their video walls to their 4k touch displays to their Genesis circular display, all were designed with providing installers with as many mounting options as possible.


Video Wall Mount Providers


There are a vast variety of mounting solutions that are out there on the market. Depending on the scope of your installation, one must choose the best way to mount your video wall or displays. Will you be needing mounts that tilt, pan, or rotate, or will you be needing a mounting option that enables a full 360° viewing angle? With that being said, while installing a video wall on any given surface some integrators may want to provide the end user with the option to access the back of the panels at any time. In this case choosing mounts that extend away from the wall would best service this desire.

Volanti Displays recommends the following trusted companies for any of your mounting solution needs. From rolling video wall carts that allow for a mobile presentation use or for surfaces that are curved like lobby walls / pillars, we suggest companies like Premier Mounts, Chief Mounts, Peerless-AV, Crimson. All are compatible with the entire Volanti Display product line.

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