Seamless Video Wall Bezel

Seamless Video Wall Bezel


Video Wall Bezel Explained

As industries who experience heavy foot traffic look for better ways to engage and communicate with their guests more and more are turning to video walls to act as beacons of information. A benefit of implementing video walls within a high traffic space is that they cover large viewable areas and offer the ability to build out larger formations ( up to 10 x 10 ). When looking to install video walls the one thing to keep in mind is the bezel size.  A bezel is the area ( housing ) of a monitor that surrounds and holds the lcd display in place. For example, if a display has a 4mm bezel, the lcd display itself is surrounded by 4mm of metal housing.  As display technology has evolved, so too have bezel widths. Over time the LCD display industry has seen a drastic decrease in bezel size and width. Take an old CRT monitor for instance, their average bezel widths were two inches or more.
Volanti Displays has been working hard to engineer and deliver video walls with an impressive ultra-narrow bezel size of 1.75mm avg and a super-narrow of 2.65mm avg. Aside from the ‘near seamless’ design, thinner bezels when placed side by side, help maximize display real estate while making it easier for multiple displays ( video wall ) to look and function as one large single surface. Also another key feature Volanti has been working on with their thinner video wall bezels is increasing the active to active image. The term active to active refers to the amount of visual display ( pixels ) in and around the bezel edge. What is the use of having a ultra-narrow bezel if the display image ends shy of the housing?
Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming product announcement during the first half of 2016 as Volanti Displays is looking to introduce video walls with even narrower bezels.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

While airports, train stations, or car dealerships look to roll out video walls that display a crisp high definition image, one thing that may get overlooked is the ability for guests to be able to read text.  Imagine trying to read connecting flight information or terms of a lease when the text is being cut through the middle due to large bezel sizes. While the cost of seamless bezeled video walls might have been a reason why installers in the past went with such solutions, we are now finding thin bezel video walls more affordable than ever. With narrow bezeled video walls, a person looking at the display doesn’t become fixated on the fact there are lines jetting through the image. As they become thinner and thinner, the eye tends to complete the image without any hiccup. Another benefit of seamless video wall bezels.
Volanti 2 x 2 Seamless Bezel Video Wall: GMC DGDG Showroom
Airport Terminal Seamless Bezel Video Wall   Photo Credit: Bjorn

Control Room Video Walls

Much like the industries stated above, we find the same need and desire for seamless bezeled video wall solutions in the control room environment. From traffic control centers to weather satellite monitoring to large data analysis, companies are looking for video walls that won’t hinder visual performance. Another key feature control rooms look for is having the ability to install a multitude of video wall configurations. From 2 x 8’s to 4 x 4’s, installers have the freedom to retrofit their rooms with Volanti ultra-narrow video walls.


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