Magnetic 3D: Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage


Magnetic 3D: Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage

The evolution of the retail digital signage landscape has seen companies moving from jumbo screens to more versatile ‘in store’ consumer based displays. With more and more displays being integrated within the ‘brick and mortar’ environment, companies are looking for better ways to deliver more impactful digital signage. Retail companies have implemented various digital signage techniques such as dayparting, creating interactive content and now delivering glasses-free 3D digital signage. One company who has been busy pushing the glasses-free 3D technology into the mainstream is a company based out of New York called Magnetic 3D.


Digital Signage of the Future

The team at Magnetic 3D has not only developed a 3D lens that turns a regular LCD monitor into a viewable 3D surface but also provides clients with the option of creating custom designed 3D digital signage. Magnetic 3D aims to provide retailers with the highest quality viewing experience in 3D. Aside from the obvious ‘wow’ factor of seeing logos and products in 3D without the use of 3D glasses is the data that was gathered during these promotional runs. The data that was analyzed by both Magnetic 3D and outside agencies clearly indicated that the overall user engagement had risen exponentially. Imagine walking into a BevMo to grab a bottle of wine and as you walk down the wine aisle you notice a bottle of wine that appears to be floating on the surface of an LCD screen. The sheer shock alone would cause you to walk over and further examine the content. Now you’re engaged.

Magnetic 3D has also been working hard on product enhancements like their “Anti-Morie” technology which reduces picture noise so you’ll focus on the images jumping off the screen to fully appreciate the intense depth and clarity of the background. As per Magnetic 3D: The truth is you can’t have a great Glasses-free 3D picture without high quality optics, top notch software and stellar content. As critical to the formula as these components are, is the LCD panel itself. That’s why as part of the redesign, we selected the best LCD’s available with LED backlights, higher brightness, and incredible contrast ratios to ensure that we are optimizing the experience with each and every component.

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Creating, Converting, and Compositing 3D Content

Magnetic 3D has not only been developing their lens technology for LCD displays but has also been working hard to provide users with a software platform to assist in the creation of 3D content.  Magnetic 3D’s software helps bring content to life by enabling a Glasses-Free 3D experience. Magnetic 3D offers a full suite of content creation tools that allow you to produce content in a variety of applications, and then enhance them for 3D without glasses. From motion graphics applications, or compositors such as Nuke, to 3D programs including 3D Studio Max and Maya – Magnetic 3D has the tools retailers need to be an autostereoscopic pro.

Playback Software for Glasses-Free 3D Content

Our 3D software for content playback allows you to create and edit playlists with ease. The most simplified content playback solution comes complete with quick and easy drag-and-drop functionality. It is the most versatile media player on the market for glasses-free 3D content delivery. This 3D software allows you to deliver both 2D and 3D content seamlessly.

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