BMW i8 AirTouch Display Technology

BMW i8 AirTouch Display Technology

BMW i8

During this year’s CES that took place in Las Vegas, attendees were given the opportunity to explore the ins and outs of the new hybrid BMW i8. A few key features that were on full display during CES were the autonomous driving option as well as the hand gesture controlled dash displays. Touch Display technology inside vehicles is not a new concept, in fact it is becoming more and more common as newer models are being rolled out. But what some automobile enthusiasts maybe shocked to see is that the displays located on the dashboard can be controlled via the hand gesture technology BMW is calling AirTouch.

BMW i8 AirTouch Technology

BMW’s AirTouch technology allows the dashboard displays to be operated like a touchscreen without having to place a finger on the screen surface. What makes this technology so interesting is the use of sensors that are placed throughout the interior of the car. Aside from the obvious convenience of gesture controlled displays, BMW is working hard to reduce the driver distraction factor. The AirTouch technology enables drivers to answer incoming phone calls, adjust speaker volume and toggle between the dash and the console display. Pretty amazing if you ask us.

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