Mobile Beat Las Vegas

Volanti Displays Exhibits at Mobile Beat Las Vegas

Mobile Beat Las Vegas
Mobile Beat Las Vegas

Volanti Displays took their innovative displays on the road and made a 1st time appearance at this year’s Mobile Beat Las Vegas Convention ( more info ).  Hosted by
Penn Jillette and musical acts such as Dj Jazzy Jeff and Sir Mix-A-Lot, this year’s convention marked the 19th year of it’s existence.

Among the displays that were showcased at the Volanti booth were the Forza Mobile Video Wall, The Cube Gen2, the 84″ 4K Multi-Touch Display and their Ultra-Narrow 55″ Display that ran Tint‘s ( more info ) Social Media Platform. By using the hashtag #VolantiCube visitors were able to see their social media posts being live streamed over the display.

Mobile Beat Las Vegas provided Volanti Displays with a unique opportunity to tap into the world of Mobile Dj’s and Event Coordinators. “It’s always fun to see what different visual applications guests come up with while visiting our booth and viewing our displays,” explains Billy Barnes, Art Director for Volanti Displays. “With each show that we attend, I am finding more and more innovative ways to bring displays to a variety of markets. We had companies who operate event photo booths saying they would love to turn our Cube Gen2 into an interactive photo booth where people’s photos would be displayed all around the cube once posted. I thought that was a very clever way to make the Cube more interactive.”

The Cube and Leap Motion

Volanti Displays wanted to create a unique way for Mobile Beat guests to be able to interact with the Cube. Using Leap Motion ( more info ) and several apps including Midnight, Collider and Beautiful Chaos, guests to the Volanti booth were able to use simple hand gestures to control all 4 sides of the Cube. “The excitement that I saw on guest’s faces when they were able to control the cube with their hand gestures was priceless”, explains Michael Sarich, Business Development Manager for Volanti Displays. “Being that most of the attendees at the convention were Dj’s, we thought it would be a cool idea to introduce a more ‘Hands On’ approach to the Cube’s long list of applications. To ultimately give another perspective on how the Cube could be used.”

Leap Motion Cube
Leap Motion on the Cube

Mobile Beat Las Vegas

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Sir Mix-A-Lot

The two day floor event was topped off with epic performances by hip hop legends, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Sir Mix-A-Lot. Volanti Displays provided a 3×2 video wall to accompany the artists on stage during their live performances. The packed house at the Tropicana Hotel were treated to great tunes and live visuals.

DJ Jazzy Jeff
Dj Jazzy Jeff with Volanti Display’s 3×2 Video Wall
Sir Mix A Lot
Sir Mix-A-Lot with Volanti Display’s 3×2 Video Wall

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