Volanti Wins Buyers Choice Award at Exhibitor Live


Forza Mobile Video Wall Wins Buyers Choice Award at Exhibitor Live 2015

It has been a busy start to March as Volanti Displays packed up the show at Mobile Beat and made their way across the Vegas strip to Mandalay Bay Hotel Resort for this year’s Exhibitor Live Trade Show. EXHIBITORLIVE is the Face-to-Face Training Conference and Expo for Trade Show and Event Marketers.

Day one opened up with a bang as guests made their way around the convention floor scoping out the latest and greatest that exhibitors had to offer. Volanti provided guests a chance to get acquainted with their 165″ Transportable 3×3 Super Narrow Video Wall as well as the Forza line of mobile video walls and displays. Among the displays being showcased in the booth was the Cube Gen2 which has been a show stopper everywhere it goes.

Day two of the convention began with a pleasant surprise waiting at the Volanti booth. The Exhibitor Live panel of floor judges had awarded Volanti Displays with the Innovator Buyers Choice Award for their Forza Mobile Video Wall.

“It truly was a pleasant surprise to see that we not only were nominated but had won such an amazing award,” explains James Henry, CEO of Volanti Displays. “We are truly honored to have been selected!”

“Being that this is the 1st time Volanti Displays has attended Exhibitor Live, it made winning the award that much more special,” Michael Sarich, Business Development Manager of Volanti Displays recalls. “Thank you Exhibitor Live.”

Buyers Choice Award
Exhibitor Live’s Buyers Choice Award for Volanti’s Forza Mobile Video Wall
Buyers Choice Award for Volanti's Forza Mobile Video Wall
Michael Sarich and James Henry receiving Exhibitor Live’s Buyers Choice Award

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