Affordable 4K Video Wall Coming…

Scheduled to be formally announced in March 2015 Volanti Displays is releasing a true 4K input video wall for a price comparable to lower resolution Full-HD video walls. No additional video wall processor required.

The Volanti Displays 2×2 video wall will accept 4K Ultra-HD HDMI input for a full 3840×2160 pixel resolution display. Advance specifications are:

  • Sizes: 94″ and 110″ total diagonal video wall size
  • Brightness: 500nit and 800nit max
  • IPS super wide viewing angle with anti-reflection finish
  • VESA compliant mounting holes
  • Remote control
  • Advanced command set over RS-232 or Ethernet

A video wall processor can add benefits such as multi-source as well as picture-in-picture windows but is not required in order to achieve the 4K resolution across the 2×2 displays – a considerable cost saving. Another significant benefit of this is that for larger video walls 2×2 displays groups can accept 4K matching high power video wall processors with 4k output.

Given the size of the display a 4K video wall delivers a stunning image, the clarity is immediately noticeable.

Volanti’s high quality custom display electronics and commercial grade components together with design and final assembly in California’s Silicon Valley are attracting users from across the USA and abroad. For more information call +1-408-579 1630 or email using the Volanti contact form, click here.