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Enplug Digital Signage Software

We recently sat down with Colin Bovet of Enplug to discuss how their DisplayOS platform is helping shape the way digital signage is delivered. Enplug’s DisplayOS is the software redefining digital signage. An industry that was outdated is now revived with a platform you’d expect to see in 2015. One operating system, with apps for any business, and simple control from anywhere. Enplug’s seamless digital user experience is engineered for endless productivity. Engage viewers and communicate more efficiently and effectively with DisplayOS. Simply connect one Enplug device to each HD display you plan on using, and configure content and settings using our web Dashboard.

1.Volanti Displays:  Can you give us a little insight as to what Enplug is and what services you provide?

Enplug: Enplug is a new take on digital signage – we’ve built our system to be simple for anyone to set up and manage, and we deliver content through apps that automatically rotate onto the screen. We work with many different industries, including retail, hospitality, offices, education, and real estate.

2. Volanti Displays: Can you explain how Enplug’s app market works? How often are new apps added?

Enplug: Enplug’s App Market is something we launched earlier this summer, and it’s the only signage solution with a public app market.  This means that, as with a smartphone, anyone can build apps that work on all Enplug-powered screens. Several of our apps require paid subscriptions for the service, and Enplug’s App Market helps those partners get new customers. We add roughly one app per month.  So far, we have third-party apps from WaitlistMe and DSMenu, with more coming soon.

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3. Volanti Displays: How has the digital signage landscape changed in recent years? Where do you see it going in the next 2 years?

Enplug: The most significant change has been that displays have gotten so much cheaper and better, so they’ve proliferated. Today, digital signage sees use in applications as different as food trucks, in the offices of tech companies, outdoors in malls, and much more. As screens have begun to appear in more places, consumers and business owners are learning how to interact with them, but it’s still in the early stages.

In the next two years, I think digital signage will push towards creating more meaningful, informative experiences  – rather than just gimmicks. Ideally, digital signage should be the third interface for people – as personal and informative as computers and smartphones.  Eventually, I think there will be a common set of expectations and interactions that people expect from digital signage – like a smartphone, where users can quickly learn new apps because they’re all designed consistently.


4. Volanti Displays: With user / customer engagement being a huge focus for various industries, how does Enplug enable users to interact with their target audience?

Enplug: Right now, we offer industry-leading live social media interactions on Twitter and Instagram.  Enplug customers can manage their guests’ social posts from any laptop or smartphone. Since we now have an open SDK, we hope to see many more interactive apps coming soon – we visualize everything from a hashtag-driven beer tap to games that guests can play on any Enplug screen.


5. Volanti Displays: Can you give us a brief explanation about Enplug’s Software Development Kit?

Enplug: The Software Development Kit lets developers build apps for our platform – either thinly-wrapped webpage-based JavaScript apps, or native Enplug apps in Java. It is the best platform for companies trying to reach an audience through displays because Enplug provides the device and infrastructure to build on.

6. Volanti Displays: Any new upcoming Enplug features you can share with us?

Enplug: We have a complete re-design of the Enplug Dashboard coming in the next few weeks – it’s beautiful and powerful, and will launch for all Enplug customers.  We’re also tweaking our on-screen notifications system and animations.  You can see a preview of these features here.


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