Volanti Launches 65″ Ultra-HD Touch Monitor For Digital Signage

Volanti Displays announce the release and availability of their new 65” Ultra-HD touch monitor, the V6500-4KT. With clear glass technology providing unmatched optical clarity and a tablet-like flat edge-to-edge design this commercial grade video display is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Linux.

Designed to meet the needs of the digital signage and way-finding market for product promotion, advertising and retail navigation applications the V6500-4KT provides 10 point multi-touch and plug-and-play when used with Microsoft Windows. Usability is enhanced by the fast response and support for finger with pressure sensing when used with suitable applications.

“Optical clarity ensures promotional looks its best and the unique slim design is so reminiscent of tablet design that people know intuitively that this is a touch display so will more readily interact with it” said Michael Sarich who runs business development for Volanti, “furthermore the 4K Ultra-HD resolution provides a crisp image even when the user is up close”.

Details are available at http://volantidisplays.com/65-inch-4k-touch-display.html

Volanti 65 inch touch tv with 4K ultra-hd resolution

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