Volanti California Announces 65-Inch ‘Lift & Tilt’ Touch Table


New ultra large 4K display table offers a dynamic multi-touch solution for collaborative applications.

Morgan Hill, Calif., November 8, 2016 –- Volanti Displays today announced the availability of its Lift & Tilt touchscreen table with a 65” display. The ample workspace of the display and the electrically adjustable height and tilt angle enable group interactivity, ideal for team review of collaborative or data driven applications such as those used in surveying or geology for government and industry. Other fields benefitting from the same level of interactive group settings are architecture, civil engineering, and construction.

Utilizing a completely flat Ultra-HD 4K (3840 x 2160) screen, the new Lift & Tilt model is a stylish addition to Volanti’s family of touchscreen displays. The base has robust drive mechanics to provide both display lift and tilt to move from completely horizontal to vertical. The unit features the highly responsive clear InGlass touch technology, flat ‘no raised bezel’ surface with toughened edge-to-edge glass that is sealed to protect against minor spills.

“Large digital work surfaces are compelling when reviewing visuals like designs and maps. Users quickly find that the ability to set the display angle further enhances the usability, particularly for group discussions,” said James Henry, CEO of Volanti Displays.

The display is designed for commercial use with a selection of optional accessories, including a roll-in/roll-out road case. The touch table display has high reliability, low latency industrial grade display electronics for an optimal user experience, and has optional storage compartments that provide for power cable and accessories. The touch glass is high transmissive, chemically toughened 3.2mm thick, with impact resistance measured to ball drop UL60950 (500g/1.3m.) The display size is 60” x 35.4”, with vertical travel of 24”. It comes in multi-touch options of 10 or 40 point and is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Android and Mac. A 55” version is also available.

About Volanti Displays

Founded in 2014, Volanti builds on over 25 years of its founders’ display industry expertise and focuses on large display systems for niche commercial markets (such as corporate, digital signage, and way-finding.) In addition to standard models, Volanti Displays produces LCD video displays with options to suit specific market and application requirements – in sizes from small to very large (98″,) including touch and non-touchscreen models. Offering innovative display products with cutting-edge technology, Volanti designs and conducts final assembly in the USA.



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