Volanti California Announces Collaboration Display for Interactive Team Project Planning


Volanti brings together Trello and Cnverg on their Ultra-HD touchscreens

Morgan Hill, Calif., October 4, 2016 –- Volanti Displays today announced the availability of its interactive 4K collaboration display, utilizing the Trello application enabled by Cnverg Software. Customers already working with Trello can now leverage Volanti’s 42”, 55”, 65”, 84”, and 98” touchscreen displays with expanded capabilities for collaborative group planning and scheduling in the work environment by using Cnverg.

Used together with Microsoft Windows 10 and the Edge browser, users can interact with Trello and discuss as well as annotate Cnverg Trello screens without changing its content. Customers can visualize multiple boards in a single, unified workspace, and can plan, sort and prioritize, use whiteboarding tools, and pull Trello boards together. The marked up screen can be shared at any time.

“Cnverg is the kind of product our own Trello users have been asking for. Combined with a large touch display, it gives them the ability to review and plan in a group discussion setting,” said James Henry, CEO of Volanti Displays.



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