Volanti Displays Looks at the Use of Social Media in Museums

Morgan Hill, CA – November 5, 2014 – Volanti Displays, a Silicon Valley company who specializes in large screen displays, including video-wall systems, recently looked at creative ways to use social media in museums.

Most museums are using social media on their website to promote new exhibits and expand brand awareness. “Social media is more than just a link on a museum’s website,” said James Henry, CEO of Volanti Displays. “It’s about bringing social dialogue ‘into’ a museum. It’s about developing creative ways to increase visitor participation.”

Creative uses to share, engage and connect with your audience:

  • Label Exhibits with Suitable Hashtags

Every exhibit can include a ready-made hashtag to make it easy for visitors to post messages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social sites.

  • Post Photo Ops and ‘Selfie Stations’

For areas in a museum where photos are allowed, signage suggesting a photo op or ‘selfie station’ can also encourage social posts and increase the museums digital presence.

  • Establish a Social Media Wall

The use of a Social Media Wall allows visitors to congregate for real-time viewing. It encourages the audience to share thoughts and instantly see what’s being posted on a topic or hastag.

A video-wall is an ideal vehicle for creating a Social Media Wall. Video-walls are fixed or mobile video screens that can incorporate visual displays as well as social media. Software is available which aggregates multiple social media platforms.

  • Tablet Rental

Another way to increase visitor participation is rental of low cost tablets customized with cameras and apps that upload to social media feeds.

“Social media requires engagement — it’s about connecting,” added Henry. “With a little creativity, museums can really use social media within their walls.”

Social media in museums


About Volanti Displays

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