SpinTouch Software Interview


Spin Touch Software Interview

We recently sat down with SpinTouch Director of Digital Engagement, Alano Vasquez to discuss how their platform is empowering brands while also providing a powerful touch tool for companies to engage their target audiences with.

Volanti Displays: Can you give us a little insight as to what SpinTouch Software does / provides users?

SpinTouch: SpinTouch designs and develops experiential marketing solutions ranging from licensed multi-touch presentation software all the way to fully custom interactive applications for gesture, augmented reality, and multi-user experiences. Our software solutions are used to empower brands and educate users on a wide range of products and solutions in a truly unique and memorable fashion.


Volanti Displays: Can you explain the collaboration process between your team and a potential client looking for custom touch software?

SpinTouch: The SpinTouch collaboration process is essential to delivering a custom interactive experience that is both exciting and memorable for users. Collaboration with our clients begins immediately when our creative team begins the discovery process which is outlined in our creative brief that we have coined, “spinVision”. This Q&A approach helps us gather a solid understanding for our client’s ideal interactive experience while including all of the great ideas that the stakeholders of the project have. Following this assessment, we are able to then deliver storyboards and further outline the user experience. Next we move over to UI concepts for review and upon approval we are able to begin the software development and testing phase. After the application goes live and users are being engaged, we immediately begin to measure results and further evaluate ways to enrich the user experience.

Volanti Displays: What sets SpinTouch apart from other touch software companies?

SpinTouch: At SpinTouch we strive to differentiate ourselves by delivering interactive software solutions that have a custom look and feel but can be delivered as an easy to use off the shelf licensed software solution. We value and follow best practices in UI/UX as well as provide highly intuitive content management systems. We are firm believers that users are only truly engaged and immersed in an experience if our solution at the very least resembles the design and functionality as the apps they are used to using on their smart phones and tablets.


Volanti Displays:  How do you see the Touch Industry evolving over the next 1-2 years?

SpinTouch: In the next 1-2 years we are expecting that the touch industry will evolve in both design and functionality. For years we have wondered why business grade touch experiences had paled in comparison to those being delivered at a consumer level. However, with more advanced large format touch displays technologies like P-Cap / Light-Wave Touch emerging and with software applications providing more elegant and intuitive user interfaces, we are confident that the touch industry will become far more prevalent in our day to day lives as consumers and/or clients.


Volanti Displays: What other software services do you provide?

SpinTouch: We also provide non-touch software including engaging social media experiences. Our most recent social media application called socialEdge™ provides users with a real time feed of both Instagram and Twitter posts under a given hashtag. This mosaic collage of images and tweets provides companies the opportunity to promote their brands at various events or activations.  SocialEdge™ will be released to the market early December as a turn-key off the shelf solution with an easy to use cloud based content management system.

Volanti Displays:  Any new upcoming software features that you’re currently working on that you can share with us?

SpinTouch: Our development team will soon be announcing a few powerful upgrades to our multi-touch presentation software myShowcase™. In addition to being a highly intuitive design focused presentation application, myShowcase™ will now offer dynamic HD video upgrades, user behavior analytics, and content share features to capture leads and seamlessly distribute valuable content to users.

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