Power Independent Touch Screen Cart

Sporting large 32″ or 43″ touch screens the new Volanti mobile carts can run for up to more than 16 hours from onboard batteries.

32" 43" mobile touch screen carts

We set up each of the 32″ and the 43″ models on full brightness with a Windows PC running a 4K slideshow and a single 720W rechargeable battery. The results were:

  • 32″ ran for just over 8.5 hours
  • 43″ ran for just over 6.5 hours

The batteries can be hooked up to a second battery of the same capacity, ie doubling the total battery capacity, though probably not doubling the operating time supported due to load balancing overhead. We are still to run those tests but will update this blog with the results when they are available.

With this length of power independence, it provides significant freedom to move the unit around in a factory, laboratory, service center, or construction site without having to trail power cables.

A few notes about these mobile touch screen display carts:

  • Both 32″ and 43″ versions are 4K resolution touch screens with HDMI and Displayport input. They are mounted on custom made stainless steel tilt stands that are attached to the fully custom made carts. The display enclosure is aluminum and the cart is mostly aluminum though the feet and crossbar are steel. All the main parts are powder coated.
  • A wide retractable keyboard and mouse tray is standard.
  • The lower accessory tray and folding side shelves are available as options, and so are the batteries, PC and webcam.
  • The wheels are 4″ and lockable.
  • The touch screen monitor and the cart are designed and assembled in our facility in California.
43″ model with accessories
43″ base model (includes retractable keyboard tray)

Although we are making this as a standard item as it is constructed inhouse we are also able to provide customization services.

Volanti specializes in making large screen displays for the workplace.