Satellite Imagery

If you use a Volanti Plan Review touch table or Incident Command System the satellite imaging services from seem worth a look. They have two satellite services, one is a twice daily 3 meter resolution image of most of the globe and the other is an on-demand 50cm resolution image of a 25 sq km area.

Urban planners can use the images to monitor developments such as shown in this Skysat April 28, 2020 image of the Allegiant stadium in Las Vegas:

Image by Skysat satellite, April 28, 2020

For first responders and other emergency response organizations they can track changes in situations as they develop, here is a Jun 1, 2020, Skysat image of the Bighorn fire in Tucson, Arizona:

Skysat image bighorn fire Tucson, Arizona
Image by Skysat satellite, Jun 1, 2020

Around this time last year, announced the availability of its imagery through the ArcGIS service. In their words: “The plug-in, referred to as an “add-in” by Esri, will allow customers to easily access, view and download Planet Basemaps from within their workflow for deep-level analyses using ArcGIS Pro geoprocessing tools to build models, perform raster operations, or apply machine learning to Planet’s analysis ready imagery data.”

The large high resolution interactive displays of the Plan Review touch table and the mobile Incident Command System are excellent platforms for viewing this important imagery. These are products and services that are an excellent match for each other. See our displays for mapping web page.

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