55″ 65″ 75″ Even Bezel Rugged Monitors

Volanti Displays has recently updated the large rugged 4K monitor range to include 55″ 65″ and 75″ versions. Designed and assembled in Morgan Hill, California, these share a number of common features as explained in the following:

  • The same size narrow bezel all around. This makes them visually attractive as well as suitable for use in a rugged low-cost video wall. To make this functionality easier the default model has video loop-through (daisy-chain) and video wall functions built-in. The bezel width, measured from the active display area to the outer edge of the housing, is between 13.7mm and 15.5mm.
  • The enclosure is a rugged 2.3mm thick, powder-coated in black; other colors and finishes are available as order options (it is always worth asking!). The clean design has straight sides, this enables the monitors to sit up against each other if used for a video wall. In addition there are four removable carry handles, this means the display is suitable for both permanent and temporary locations.
  • The default connectivity for these even bezel 4K monitors is with 3 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, and 1 DVI input. There is a picture-in-picture mode as well as a quad-split function enabling four inputs to show on the display without the need for additional equipment. In addition, there is a DisplayPort video out enabling a daisy-chain connection to other monitors, we have tested with over 30 connected, see more details below. Built into the monitor are video wall related functions, this includes scaling to show the relevant parts of an image to make up a video wall as well as allowing for bezel compensation. See below for other connectivity options.
  • The clean straight-sided enclosure design and flat front allow for optional font overlays. This could be a simple bezel overlay or protective glass/acrylic or touch screen.
  • A major advantage of these monitors being designed and assembled in the USA (Morgan Hill, California) is the availability of customization options. This can include enclosure colors, bezel options, and connectivity options as outlined below*.

Daisy Chain & Video Wall Capabilities

As mentioned above one of the features of these monitors is a DisplayPort video output, this is used for daisy chain and video wall functions. A brief explanation of these:

  • Daisy chain: Multiple monitors can be connected together to show the same video. The setup is straightforward, simply connect from the DisplayPort output on the initial monitor and connect to the DisplayPort input on the next. In addition the functional control can be daisy-chained in the same way so function commands, for example from a room controller, can be sent to all of the monitors as a group or individually via a single connection.
  • Video wall functionality: As the monitors have a clean straight edge they can be placed next to each other, ie tiled, to create a video wall arrangement. Using the daisy chain connectivity, the video from an initial monitor can be looped-through to each of the monitors. Built into each of the monitors is a video wall function that enables scaling and positioning of the video to create a single image spread across all the monitors, ie a video wall. We also offer free control software for setup and calibration across the monitors, contact us for details.

No external processor is required for either of the above. A single input is all it takes, this is then looped through to each of the monitors.

Connectivity Options

As noted above the default connectivity of this range of monitors is for 3 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, and 1 DVI input together with a DisplayPort output for daisy-chain functionality. However, options are available and include:

  • 2 HDMI, 1 DVI, and 1 VGA (ARGB) also incorporating the ability to play a Full-HD resolution video from a USB memory stick. There is a function for this to be used as a failover, so if the video from any of the inputs fails the monitor will play the video from the USB. This is certainly better than a blank screen and it may even contain advisory messages.
  • Remote connection utilizing HD-BaseT technology to connect to a video source up to 300ft away. For the 55″ model this can also include power up to 150ft making it a very simple single cable remote connection.
  • 3G-SDI, HD-SDI video connection.

These options are special builds so it is best to discuss the requirements directly, the number to call is 408.500.3500.

55 65 75 inch monitor even bezel back

* Note: And there are even more options, for example an ambient light sensor to adjust the display brightness or even to power it down to standby mode depending on ambient light conditions. Another is temperature and other sensor monitoring. These are not standard but are available on a custom build basis.

Webpage: Visit the web page for brochures with product specifications: https://www.volantidisplays.com/large-displays.html