Large Touchscreens, PC’s & Media Players

Volanti Displays large 4K touchscreen monitors are adaptable to diverse suppliers of maximum performance workstations and media players. We take a brief look at three devices suited to different application uses of touchscreens.

Suitable for interactive public displays where a single application is used, BrightSign’s new Series 3 XT media players support very complex HTML5-based interactive digital signage applications with up to 4K 60Hz HDR video and the option of incorporating a live video or live TV feed. The automatic player setup and deployment cloud networking feature make for an extremely easy to deploy solution.  Another way in which the Volanti touchscreen display and BrightSign media player work well together is touch response speed – the 100Hz touch sensor, the 60Hz video display refresh rate, and the fast solid state media player combine to provide a near instant response.  One example of use is Volanti’s high resolution multi-touch video walls, offering 3×2 and 5×3 configurations.  The displays, with optically-bonded glass, are bright and the color temperature can be set to match various lighting environments.  The touch video walls are ideal for both team collaboration applications, where touch capability is invaluable, and high-end presentations.

HP Mini Workstation
HP’s recently announced Z2 Mini Workstation looks like an ideal candidate for Volanti’s Lift & Tilt because of its focus on CAD-type applications support and high quality graphics. Designed for users in compute-intensive industries, it is 2.3 by 8.5 inches in size. It was designed for CAD users demanding smaller hardware without compromising acoustics and performance, and mission-critical reliability. The Lift & Tilt touchscreen table, with a 55” or 65” display, offers ample workspace and the electrically adjustable height and tilt angle enables group interactivity–ideal for team review of collaborative or data driven applications such as those used in surveying or geology for government and industry. (Other fields benefitting from the same level of interactive group settings are architecture, civil engineering, and construction.) Utilizing a completely flat Ultra-HD 4K (3840 x 2160) screen, the Lift & Tilt model is a stylish addition to Volanti’s family of touchscreen displays. The base has robust drive mechanics to provide both display lift and tilt to move from completely horizontal to vertical. The unit features the highly responsive clear InGlass touch technology, flat ‘no raised bezel’ surface with toughened edge-to-edge glass that is sealed to protect against minor spills.  

Intel® Skull Canyon
Fitting for general interactive applications on touchscreens used in meetings where many different applications may be used, the Skull Canyon (NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK) offers enhanced HD and 4K video editing and performance for gameplay, digital movies, music, and editing, and heavy workloads like analytics. It offers high resolution with enhanced media conversion, fast frame rates and image editing to render video and 3D graphics. This is ideal for Volanti’s 42″ ~ 98” Touchscreen Active Matrix LCD displays, designed to meet the needs of corporate users for dynamic collaboration sessions and compelling presentations. The extensive high resolution display is large enough for multiple users and the multi-touch capability fully enables group interactivity for project planning and collaborative applications. Project management teams using ‘obeya’ rooms is one application suited for this technology. In addition, the large-scale proportion makes it ideal for presentations, replacing projection and video walls with the added benefit of touchscreen control.