BYOD & Wireless Presentation Systems

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has a particular relevance to anyone installing large presentation monitors in a meeting room. The classic method is to have a cable or selection of cables hard-wired from the meeting table to the display. This is ok but often means trying to find adaptors and in larger meetings passing the cable around really isn’t practical.

This is where wireless presentation systems can help – these allow people to wirelessly connect a laptop or other device to the large screen monitor at the font of the room. Solutions have been around for a few years now at varying levels of price, ease of use and quality of result. For anyone wondering about support of touch screens over wireless systems  I only found one that specifically mentioned support and that was WePresent noted below. A quick selection…

  • WePresent: This is fully wireless relying on the users wi-fi connecting to the WePresent base station that is connected to the screen, in addition the user needs a WePresent driver which can be downloaded or loaded from a supplied USB drive. One significant point is support for touch screens.
  • Barco Clickshare: This uses a hardware dongle that plugs into the USB port of a users laptop.  This then connects wirelessly to a base station that is connected to the screen allowing mirroring of the users laptop display.
  • Klik, Extron Sharelink, Crestron AirMedia, Mersive Solstice: Working on a similar basis to the WePresent system these rely on a software driver in the users device, however these appear to be one way devices, ie from the laptop to the display, there was no specific mention of touchscreen support from the large display back to the laptop.
  • MirrorOp: A software only solution for mirroring displays from various devices to a display with a suitable receiver device, eg a PC.