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Corinth Classroom Touch Software Interview

We recently sat down with Matous Tlapak of Corinth to discuss their powerful educational based touch software and picked their brain as to where they see the touch industry going over the next couple of years.

Volanti: Give us an overview as to what Corinth Classroom is and provides for users. 

Matous Tlapak: One of the best description of our purpose expresses the following claim – Corinth is transforming publishing from a flat world to a universe of interactive 3D. To be more concrete, Corinth Classroom is a series of stand alone applications consisting of cutting-edge content designed for STEM education. Corinth Classroom predominantly offers to students interactive 3D models and real-time 3D animations complemented with deep-zoom images, time-lapse images and more.

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Volanti: How do you see your software benefitting students in a classroom environment?

Matous Tlapak: Based on our experience we see most value in the increased excitement of student and the curiosity Corinth Classroom causes. Using Corinth´s models in classrooms is fun for both students and teachers. Moreover, the majority of people are visual learners and these visual learners need to use visual objects for effective learning.


Volanti: What plugins does Corinth Classroom Software offer for users? 

Matous Tlapak: Over the course of time we’ve established a great relationship with Microsoft and this led us to further tying of our solutions. Corinth Classroom objects can be integrated via add-ins with Microsoft Office. Lately, we allowed integration also with Office 365.

Volanti: How do you see touch displays and software like yours evolving in the next 2 years?

Matous Tlapak: Touch displays will have great future as hand control is the most intuitive control people can experience. I can imagine having smart walls instead of boards that will display various content in all possible forms (VR, AR), serve as control units and still fulfill its original function.


Volanti: Any new ‘upcoming’ features or content that you can share with us?

Matous Tlapak: Corinth is the company that likes to be on the technology edge. We have already allowed users to print out our 3D models with 3D printers. This year, we started a cooperation with one of the biggest player in VR educational sector – a company called zSpace. We will expanding our activities in this field.

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