3D Printed Plan Review Table Model

The Volanti 55″ and 65″ plan review touch tables have a very distinctive design so after nearly 4 years since we launched it I thought it would be an interesting exercise to make a 3D printed model of it. Here is the result, a model 2″ tall.

To make this the steps I followed were:

  • Make a 3D model in a suitable CAD application
  • Prepare it for 3D printing
  • Get it printed.


There are of course very many to choose from, I had used Tinkercad for a few very basic projects but that wasn’t suitable for this task. I considered and tried Autodesk’s Fusion 360 but that seemed more sophisticated than I needed. I finally settled on Selfcad, it was quick and easy to learn and had enough functions to enable me to relatively quickly develop the model. The design was using full-size measurements that I later scaled for the printer. The following is an image of the model in Selfcad.


I initially tried using my Prusa MK3S 3D printer but the design and my inexperience didn’t provide positive results. So I turned to Shapeways. The model was initially rejected for open surfaces, which was challenging to fix but I managed using Microsoft’s online 3D file repair utility.

Shapeways also warned that certain parts of the model were too thin but I decided to risk it.

3D Printing

Shapeways is an excellent easy to use 3D printing service. They have a good selection of materials and despite the warnings, every print has come out well. So far I have tried versatile plastic, PA12 (nylon), and PA12 Glass Beads. The PA12 Glass Beads is my preferred result as it feels a little stronger than the others. It is pictured here.

I have now ordered a version made of metal and will add a photo of it when it comes in.

Metal Version

I have now received the metal version, again printed by Shapeways. This didn’t have any warnings regarding thin parts, the method of printing, and the result is clearly strong enough. The metal is polished bronzed-silver steel.

The model measures 2″ tall, weighs 3.5oz (100g), about the same as this…

Volanti Plan Review Table

The Volanti Plan Review table, the real one, is available with a 55″ or 65″ touch screen display and is most commonly used with applications to view applications such as Bluebeam, Procore, Plangrid for architect’s drawings, CAD plans, and mapping imagery such as ArcGIS. This year, 2020, we have added a mobile and tabletop version to create a complete family of plan review touch displays.

 review family

Details of these are shown here: https://www.volantidisplays.com/plan-review-tables.html