Whiteboard Software

We have been testing Microsoft’s whiteboard software with our touch screens and using it for markup and sharing of images.

For example we started with Bluebeam, one of our favorite construction plan review applications for use with the 55″ lift & tilt touch-screen table, took a snapshot of an architectural plan then loaded that into Microsoft Whiteboard. This immediately enabled us to share with multiple devices, even iPhones, while doing markup on the large screen.

Bluebeam also provides a collaboration capability to enable real-time interaction between Bluebeam users anywhere.

As a whiteboard application the Windows Whiteboard application has all the usual features such as pen and color selection. Collaboration with other devices that enables multi-way interaction, is straightforward, as simple as sending a link.

Volanti touch and whiteboard

Over the years we have seen many whiteboard applications, they mostly do the same thing and some of them are tied into larger enterprise collaboration solutions. Microsoft Whiteboard seems like a fairly compelling free digital whiteboard solution for anyone using Windows operating system.