Wall Mounted Digital Plan Table

The Volanti Wall Mounted Digital Plan Table with easy height and tilt adjustment is designed for the site office and head office for viewing and markup of construction drawings with applications such as Bluebeam, Procore, Revit, PlanGrid, BuilderTrend, ProjectDocs and more.

The bright, high resolution clear glass touch-screen display shows the sharpest images, is easy to clean and is dust/spill proof thanks to edge-to-edge silicon sealed glass in a robust powder coated aluminum housing. The table’s space saving design provides the flexibility of having either a large wall mounted touch-screen display or a digital plan table with the easy to use spring-assisted manual height and tilt adjustable steel mount.

Available in 55″ and 42″ display versions, the Volanti wall mounted digital plan table/drafting table is both within reach and ergonomic. Add a PC of your choosing – we typically use the HP mini CAD workstation, or connect a laptop.  Optional accessories include a wireless laptop connection with touch support and also available are webcam and speaker bar.

The wall mounted version of the Lift & Tilt product offering complements the original table version of the Lift & Tilt.

For more information, contact Volanti at 408.500.3500 or see our website.