Volanti Announces Support for Spyder5 Elite

Have you ever seen a video wall where the panels have mismatched brightness or color settings? It is easy to notice and once noticed becomes quite distracting. It diminishes both the effectiveness and the quality of the video being shown. Calibrating your displays with a colorimeter ensures that what you see is consistent among multiple panels such as in a video wall display. This really should be considered important in all video wall applications but it is clearly more critical to some markets over others.

Volanti’s color calibration Utility has matured over the years and is now a key part of the setup of Volanti video walls. Today we announce support for the Spyder5 Elite color calibration tool in video wall panels (not single panels.) The Spyder5 Elite is a small USB device that can precisely measure the color response of your LCD screen. By comparing the actual displayed response of known color values, it can create a color profile that is used by the operating system and any color managed application to show correct colors.

Spyder5 Elite is supported on Volanti’s Video Wall Calibration Utility.