Video Cube Cocktail Table

The Cube : Ultra Lounge Experience Commercial

Volanti Displays rolls out with their video Cube Cocktail Table for ultra-lounges, clubs and venues. The Cube Cocktail Table consists of five 21″ cubed 1920×1920 LCD panels and an acrylic / glass cover that helps add protection to the displays. With its easy ‘plug and play’ feature via single video source HDMI input, the Cube allows for daisy chain configurations with other Cubes, projectors and live cameras with HDMI outputs.

“Eventually we want to roll out with a multi-touch interface for the top display so software applications like Touch Menus and Customizable Cube Messages can be written for the cocktail table,” explains James Henry, CEO of Volanti Displays. “Imagine ordering bottle service right from your seat or being able to take group photos and have them instantly streamed around your Cube.”


With software such as Resolume, the venue now has the ability to control every Cube Cocktail Table’s visuals as they are synced with the audio from the main sound board. Trigger chaos from kick drums or cue new visuals with musical crossfades. Post a message or simultaneously display your venue’s logo over every Cube Cocktail Table with the touch of a finger.

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