Use Cases: Lift & Tilt Touch

We have been selling the 55″ and 65″ lift and tilt adjust touch screen tables for over 2 years now and seen a number of successful use cases. Here are a couple that highlight the use of the unique functionality.

Volanti lift tilt touch screen

Plan Review & Approval

Construction related companies, including architects and government planning offices operating a digital workflow that includes plan review are seeing the benefits of using a large, high resolution, clear glass, touch screen together with the ergonomic lift & tilt flexibility enabling individual or group use. This has certainly engaged the architectural and construction industry as well as many engineering workflow applications such as those mentioned below.

The choice of 55″ or 65″ appears to be considered on the basis of office space available, the user’s preference. Certainly a 55″ is easier to reach across whereas the 65″ gives that bit extra work space for team discussions. The constraints of paper plans and scale have changed with scalable vector graphics and pinch & zoom on on a touch screen.

The ability to easily adjust the height and tilt lets users set the most ergonomic position for small team discussions as well as personal use. In addition the wheels and grab handles allow for convenient repositioning of the whole display.

A quick note regarding software for this use case, the applications we encounter include Bluebeam Revu, Plangrid, and construction management software Procore.


The ability to easily rotate the the display to a vertical position for group presentations to a flat table mode so people can stand around it and interact with a suitably written application has been very effectively utilized for training.

For most applications and use cases we see that 10 point touch is more than enough as software doesn’t make use of more than 2 point touch such as for pinch & zoom. The exception is with multi-person applications in table mode, in this case subject to the software an increase of simultaneous touches is an advantage. For this we have the 40 point touch option.

For both the applications highlighted we have seen repeat orders supporting the genuine value business users are seeing from the lift & tilt touch display system. Some users prefer the larger work area of the 65″ while others find the 55″ more manageable in terms of reach across the display.

In terms of software, the training related applications we have seen are custom made. In this context there are a number of development environments that are more suited to developing training applications but it really comes down to developer preference.