Tech In Motion Introduces IOT

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Tech In Motion Introduces IOT

Last week we attended a Tech In Motion hosted presentation on IOT ( Internet of Things ), which was held at the Santa Clara InnoSpring office. InnoSpring as you may know, serves as an end-to-end launchpad for companies seeking growth opportunities, with an ultimate goal to spread inspirations, facilitate partnerships and accelerate progress of innovation. The event centered around several start up companies who were showcasing some of their newest technologies that were based around IOT. Technologies that were being introduced varied from ways to set up in-home security systems that were hosted on cloud based platforms, to gadgets that were trying to solve global issues such as irrigation sensors for farmers, to fun ways to control your devices with the wave of a hand while sporting a stylish Tron like ring. All in all it was an eye opening experience as to how far IOT based platforms have come. In this blog we will share with you some of the technologies that stood out to us.


Cocoon Cam

CocoonCam was one of the first presenters to share their device / software. Using the latest advances in computer vision, machine learning, and Infrared (IR), Cocoon Cam is able to detect your baby’s presence and positioning-making it the fist video baby monitor that can transmit live information about your baby’s safety and activity without invasive wearable technology.

With this technology, we are able to detect your baby’s skin temperature and respiration- at a distance- from the baby video monitor. That’s right, there’s nothing attached to your baby. Isn’t that nuts? It’s a great time to be a baby.

Do I have to attach anything to my baby?

Nope. Our goal is to make the safest monitor possible and make your experience as painless as possible. We intentionally chose to build a “hands-off” contact-less monitor so that you wouldn’t have to worry about your baby tearing the monitor off.

Does the monitor emit Microwaves?

No way! Our technique is very organic and completely non-invasive.


This device was not only stylish looking but served as a key tool for parents to be able to monitor their baby from a distance. This device was absolutely something we could see in a sci-fi film. Very cool!



Tend was another technology we enjoyed. Tend introduced us to their Vision technology which according to their site has historically been delivered through large-scale video surveillance government projects or in the form of licensed intellectual property into chips for security use cases. Bo­­th solutions require massive deployments with long time-to-market cycles and present a high barrier to entry for every day people. We see Vision-as-a-Service (VaaS) as a new way of democratizing vision for consumers and businesses.

 For the first time, consumers have access to affordable, connected WiFi cameras. Tend’s VaaS platform can power these connected cameras and act as a delivery mechanism for bringing vision intelligence to the camera and end-user—swiftly and affordably–via the cloud.

Our VaaS platform helps leading connected home companies rapidly go-to-market with differentiated products that empower consumers with awareness and insight to secure early entrance and product leadership in the Internet of Things.

VaaS also helps algorithm designers speed up delivery of their recipes through integration with Tend’s VaaS platform for use in real-word applications. Additionally, chip makers can turn to VaaS to prove out their features and business case before producing mass volumes of chips.


As the market leading VaaS platform, Tend creates tremendous value for consumers, top connected home brands and suppliers in a continuous effort to bring vision to the connected home ecosystem.


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Kii was another technology that we found fascinating mainly because it promised to be able to ‘cloud-enable any device’. As per their website, Kii offers users the ability to connect all types of devices to the cloud while ensuring availability and interoperability. Stable, monitored and fully managed for performance and security, Kii scales instantly and includes remote firmware upgrades, taking platform management hassles off your IT team’s plate.

Cloud-Enable any device supporting multiple vendors is hard, but Kii simplifies M2M, M2P and P2P connections with an API-based platform. Plus, gain access to our rich community of mobile developers to build complementary surround apps for your IoT initiatives.


With the ability to cloud-enable any device, the world of networking and efficiency just got even better. And with a simple user interface to get started, we may be seeing more and more services like these.


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Ring Zero by far had the most lively demonstration of the night. Their technology allows users to control devices with simple hand gestures using a futuristic looking ring. What makes it even cooler is the fact that the software allows users to program their own custom gestures as seen in the image below. Very cool stuff.

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This is a really fun idea when it comes to being able to ‘virtually’ control your smartphone device with simple hand gestures. Can’t wait to see what it can do when paired up with a network of displays. That could be really fun!

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