Scale on Volanti Displays Digital Plan Tables

Volanti 55” and 65” touch-screen monitors can both display ARCH D size architectural drawings and construction plans at actual size. In applications like Bluebeam the user can calibrate so an inch on the display is the same as an inch on an original drawing, then if they zoom in or out the scale will adjust accordingly. This capability provides both a consistent base for anyone used to print plans together with the incredible flexibility of being able to zoom in or out.

Scalability is an important factor when considering a digital solution for using and managing architectural, engineering or construction plans or drawings. Drawings and plans can fit onto a Volanti display at actual size with 1:1 scale–Volanti has large displays for viewing drawings at 65″, image size: 56.2″ x 31.6″ (1428.5mm x 803.5mm) and 55″, image size: 47.6″ x 26.8″ (1209.6mm x 680.4mm).The drawing can be manipulated at scale, then printed out and distributed accurately from the digital image. For example, 1″ on the drawing = 32″ real life (1:32). The user needs to be able to calibrate this to get a match between the display zooming and the original, Calibrating a PDF usually entails a single scale for all measurements (calibrating separate X and Y scales.) Applications such as Bluebeam allow for this scale matching, and Volanti’s displays accommodate this process.

In the image below we show the relative size of an ARCH D drawing to the Volanti 55” and 65” touch-screen displays.