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Retail Window Displays: A Technological Makeover


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As shoppers, we are all used to seeing beautifully designed retail display windows with posh mannequins showcasing the newest clothing lines that the fashion world has to offer. From elaborate surrealist scenes to faux-snow winter wonderlands, the world of retail window design is about to receive a technological makeover. Innovations in display size, shape and brightness are giving retail space designers more and more options when it comes to adding technological tools to their tool belts.

Now that retail display designers and fashion companies are becoming more familiar with the AV medium and with the ever growing market for digital signage, the sky is really the limit when it comes to new ways to design layouts and targeting your intended audience.

Retail Display Window
Geox Windows 2015 Spring, Paris – France Photography: Norbert Jamniczky Image courtesy of Retail Design Blog

Change Content On The Fly

Advancements in networking capable displays provides users with a multitude of streaming options that now allow users to change video content wirelessly, on-the-fly, even from mobile devices. Create a playlist of video files that target different audiences at different times and control how and when your message is delivered.

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