Plan Review Catch-up…

It has been a while since the last blog and a lot has happened, here is a quick catch-up with more details in blogs to follow.

  • In January 2024 we launched a whole new product, the Volanti Plan Review Station. Also designed for the construction plan table applications, this design adds a large desk-like workspace around the electrically adjusted touchscreen. It is available in 55″ and 43″ display sizes. There is a photo below.
  • We updated our accessories, there is a new i7 NUC style PC that is conveniently mounted near the front of the table, and a new laptop tray for the Plan Review Table that extends to the the front of the workspace.
  • We have been partnering with SmartUse by Stack, featuring them at trade shows and also offering a one year free SmartUse license to buyers of Volanti Plan Review Tables.
  • Trade shows, we have been busy attending various trade shows around North America in the past 7 months, these include Chicago Build (Chicago), New York Build (New York), World of Concrete (Las Vegas), FDIC (Indianapolis), RNIC (Boise), and more. We also have two trade shows coming up in Europe; Paris in April, and London in May.
The Volanti plan review station pictured with various accessories, SmartUse software and user items